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Precision CNC Manufacturing From Tucson, Arizona to Space and Beyond!

The team at the Tucson, Arizona CNC machining company P4Swiss / Lindel have been looking skyward recently, and for good reason. Several precision CNC machined parts produced at the Tucson facility have been skyrocketing their way across the solar system documenting one particular asteroid 101955 Bennuand they’re pretty proud of it.

“Working with scientists and engineers at University of Arizona is always an exhilarating experience,” said Tom Ferrara, General Manager at P4Swiss / Lindel. “Being able to meet their design and engineering specifications and help with the production of OSIRIS-REx took real team effort.”

CNC manufacturing for aeronautical parts requires the highest precision. That’s why, when the UA team reached out to P4Swiss / Lindel, they needed to be confident in the capabilities of their CNC machines, their CNC operators, and their entire production team. While the OSIRIS-REx component manufactured by P4Swiss / Lindel was just a single part of the entire camera array, when traveling at more than 800 miles per hour through the depths of space, every detail needed to be perfect. There would be no going back to the drawing board.

OSIRIS-REx, the aeronautical wonder-camera designed by the scientists and engineers at Arizona University, since its 2016 launch, has been speeding through space on its way to document the asteroid Bennu as well as record astrological data and images never before accessible to earthbound scientists. The housing and all of its components needed to come together with exacting precision to make sure the camera was capable of the documentation of Bennu starting from over a million miles away and proceeding up to 10 feet from Bennu’s volatile surface.

“The camera suite on board the spacecraft is similar to a lookout perched in the crow’s nest of a tall ship,” said OCAMS instrument scientist Bashir Rizik, who has been with the OSIRIS-REx nearly from the beginning in 2006. “This scout must observe Bennu as we approach, survey and recon the asteroid, and tell the ship’s navigator where the hazards are located.”

OSIRIS-REx will be the first U.S. mission to return samples from an asteroid to Earth.  The spacecraft is scheduled to bring back a sample of at least 60 grams (2.1 ounces) to be studied.

“When we think about the impact our Tucson CNC machining shop has made out there, it’s almost overwhelming,” said Ferrara. “Our precision CNC capabilities have revealed the most inspirational opportunities and we’re thrilled to see where we’ll be going next.”

From Tucson to the outer reaches of our solar system, the parts manufactured at P4Swiss / Lindel help make aeronautical research and scientific study all the more possible.  When OSIRIS-REx returns from its mission sometime in the late summer of 2023, the P4Swiss / Lindel team, along with the engineers and scientists from University of Arizona, will be able to take pride in the millions and millions of miles the equipment and specialty CNC machined parts have traveled, all in the name of science.

For precision machined parts of all kinds, including aeronautical CNC, medical CNC, optical CNC, military CNC parts and more, please reach out to Tucson’s premier precision CNC company, P4Swiss / Lindel. Contact General Manager, Tom Ferrara today at 3380 E Elvira Road, Tucson, AZ, 85756, phone: 520-792-3160, email tom@lindelengineering.com

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Precision 4 Swiss & Lindel CNC Machining- Looking Toward a Year of Opportunity

2019 is almost over, and what a whirlwind of a year! With the merger of Tucson Arizona’s Lindel CNC Machining and P4Swiss out of Oceanside, California, the capabilities of our new company for precision Swiss and CNC machining have expanded and exceeded even our own expectations. With new team members, new clients, evolving industries and the technology that drives it all, we’re seeing 2020 as “The Year of Opportunity” for our team… and yours!

2019 saw Lindel CNC Machining commit to growth and innovation. After almost a year with the new P4Swiss / Lindel team and our increased services and capabilities, we’re seeing the paths to bigger and better opportunities. The leadership team from P4Swiss / Lindel are setting in motion the strategies developed to address the high-demand challenges of precision Swiss and CNC machining for our customers and working in industries that are evolving at light speed.

More than a parts provider, the P4Swiss / Lindel team has been able to take part in an integral stage of some of the world’s most important machining and engineering. From the life-changing fields of Medical and Optical CNC machining to Aerospace and Defense CNC manufacturing, the parts created by the P4Swiss / Lindel team are making an impact around the globe.

But that’s not enough. We want the changes made in 2019 to be a catalyst for our customers’ success in 2020 and beyond. Always ready for a challenge, the P4Swiss / Lindel team are poised to help address any precision or Swiss CNC task you can bring us.

Where do you see opportunity?

Increased production volume – Market research indicates we’re expecting 2020 to be a high-volume, high-demand year for precision Swiss and CNC machining. We’re here to help make sure your production supply is ready for your customers’ calls.

Inventory management – Make sure our team knows of upcoming production schedules that will require custom or precision CNC machined parts. With new capabilities, tracking, and materials management, we’re able to take in orders and turn on-demand parts with speed and the accuracy you need.

Innovation & Design – Work with our in-house engineers and designers to prototype or engineer for testing or experimental parts.

Orders of any size – From 5 to 5,000 and beyond. Whatever the size of your run, the P4Swiss / Lindel team will make sure you have the parts needed to meet your industry’s demand.

Let’s all look at 2020 as a “Year of Opportunity!”

With only a few days left of 2019, we’d also like to stop and stay “THANK YOU.” As with any partner, we couldn’t have made the past year so successful and achieved the growth we’ve seen without you. We look forward to working with you in 2020 and helping you meet the demand of your market.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your 2020 production needs, please feel free to contact Tom Ferrara, Sales and Marketing Manager at 1-520-792-3160, or email: sales@lindelengineering.com

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CNC Market Buzz: How Will Smart Manufacturers Drive Into 2020?

If you’re like us, the end of the year means a lot of data collection, prospecting, and strategizing for the upcoming year. The predictable questions come up in production and sales meetings: How are 2019 sales? How do prospects look in 2020? Are customers buying more? Less? What about innovations? Diversification? How can we grow margins? And so on.

At LINDEL CNC MACHINING and P4SWISS, the end of the year also means spending time in front of our market, attending trade shows, and listening to the “Market Buzz” from buyers and manufacturers on the floor. Through the end of October and the beginning of November, the LINDEL/P4SWISS team spent time visiting with customers and associates during the Southern Arizona Tech + Business Expo trade shows to feel the pulse of the 2020 CNC / precision machining market and what we can expect to make it a good year. What was discovered is, while broad reports are calling for a looming depression in the market, by implementing a few strategies, manufacturers are positive about 2020 and beyond.

“We’re seeing a lot of optimism,” said Tom Ferrara, Sales and Marketing Manager for Lindel. “We just finished a record October and are looking at higher demand than expected through the end of the year. With a little strategy, 2020 is going to be a great year.”

While some methods for dealing with a soft market focus on “Getting back to basics” or pushing the sales team out in an aggressive “Boots-on-the-ground” effort, smart manufacturers can circumvent market volatility by focusing strategies around their core portfolios and market innovation at home.

One market tip suggests increasing efficiencies in supply chain and mobilizing partnerships to drive your business goals. Others include adding digital technologies (digital outreach, direct response marketing, etc.) that increase visibility and transparency or focusing on a corporate responsibility protocol to increase market reach and brand awareness.

“Any of these [strategies] require less capital investment,” said Ferrara. “While still creating a more sustainable and productive workflow throughout these bigger market changes.”

With over 32 years of business under our belts, we’ve seen strong and soft markets. All have been challenges and maintaining growth requires diligence and strategy.

However you choose to approach 2020, focusing on your core product and servicing your accounts at home is always a good answer to maintaining sales momentum and pushing growth. We have found that HOPE is not a strategy.

From custom CNC machining and the precision of Swiss CNC manufacturing, LINDEL CNC MACHINING and P4SWISS strives to bring our manufacturing customers the best products, support, and service in the industry. If you’d like more information about the products or services we provide, please feel free to contact Tom Ferrara, Sales and Marketing Manager at 1-520-792-3160, or email: sales@lindelengineering.com

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It’s Q4 2019 How Will You Make an Impact in 2020?

It’s Q4 2019 How Will You Make an Impact in 2020?

tucson cnc manufacturerAs we close our Q3 and roll into Q4 of 2019, we’re working with our customers to build better industry knowledge, better industry service, and a stronger precision manufacturing future for us all. As an important part of our ongoing service to our customers, we’ve developed a quick, 3-minute survey to gather some of your perspective on today’s manufacturing business environment.

By taking the P4Swiss / Lindel Engineering 2020 Customer Market Survey, you’ll provide much-needed insight to our industry, our products and services, as well as how to best serve you and our customers today and in the future.

Please take a couple minutes and help us better understand our industry and how to better serve you!

Create your own user feedback survey

Thank you for your participation!

5 Axis Mills Make Complex Parts Simple To Make

A lot of very good things are happening at Lindel Engineering this year including a recent purchase of our third 5 Axis CNC Mill.
We used 5 Axis milling (see part picture) to make this part. 5 Axis allows us to make all the features in one operation without letting go of the part.
This allows us to create all critical features that have relationships to one another in one operation.  
Currently we are backlogged for the next 4 weeks.
More exciting news is we are looking at adding a new division soon so stay tuned for more information to come.
Lindel excels at making orders for short run production work ( 25-500+ quantity per part number )
When you have upcoming machined parts requirements please consider Lindel Engineering.

Does Gold Plating Make CNC Machined Parts Better?

I can say that this is definitely a part that is very nice to look at and hold. While we all know that the plating makes it better by protecting the part from oxidizing, any color plating can achieve this. What I like best about this part is in the details that were achieved in making it. From the small bosses to the ramped runways needed for wiring during assembly. 

What I like best about this part is in the details that were achieved in making it. From the small bosses to the ramped runways needed for wiring during assembly.

Lindel excels as small complex short run production parts of 50-500 quantity. Please keep Lindel in mind for your machining needs.  Lindel Engineering is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified.

Complex Parts Are No Problem For Lindel

Just the other day a customer came to us and asked if we had the capability to machine one of their more complex parts they had designed. They were in need of some parts in 2-3 weeks with several more every week after that for the next 4 weeks. Our team reviewed the project and accepted the challenge.

You can see the result of our efforts below. Our 5-Axis machine completed a majority of the features and one of our 3-Axis machines finished the base of the part to make the part complete in two operations.

This is another example of the work we do resulting in keeping one of our good customers satisfied on schedule.

Lindel Precision CNC Machining excels at making short run production parts of 50-500 quantity each.

“Is your business seasonal”?

I often have people ask me “Is your business seasonal”? Sometimes before I get a chance to answer they have their next question ready, “When are your busy or slow times”?

With almost 20 years of contract manufacturing experience I have personally found that we are “cyclical rather than seasonal”. We have busy and slow times but I have found it near impossible to predict when they will be. Some of you may be familiar with the expression “Feast or Famine” At times it seems like this to us depending on our current workload.

We just are coming out of a period of having a little more work than our team can produce.

You can probably guess what I am going to say next. J  We have open capacity now and are currently looking for work.

If you have some upcoming demand for machined parts and like working with us I kindly ask you to send your RFQ’s now.

I’d like to say we have unlimited capacity to take orders. What I can say is the first orders we receive we will start on a first-come, first-served basis.

Lindel Precision CNC Machining excels at making short run production parts of 50-500 quantity each.

8 separate operations reduced to 2

Before we invested in a 5 Axis CNC Mill we had been making these parts on 3 Axix CNC Mills. The 3 Axix Mills required 8 separate operations. Each requiring a separate set up and first article. This proess took about 2-3 weeks to complete. When we proammed this for the 5 Axis CNC Mill we were able to reduce the operation from 8 down to two. Once this was completed our production time was reduced from 2-3 weeks down to 2-3 days.  A significant savings in production time and lead time. We now have three 5 Axis CNC mills.

Currently we excel at making short run production parts of 50-500 quantity each.

If you have some upcoming demand for machined parts with these quantities please consider including us in your next request for quote.

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